We screen all our holidays for responsible travel, and have been doing so since 2001.

We can’t say this is a perfect science, or that we are perfect by any means, but we can say we take it very seriously – we’ve been dedicated to it since the start of the company.

Responsible travel creates better places for local people to live in, and for us to visit. It’s about protecting and restoring nature and local culture, and ensuring as much of your money as possible stays in local communities where it’s needed most.

You can read the evidence of how we achieve this at the bottom of every holiday page under ‘responsible tourism’ – there are separate sections for community (covering local cultures and economies) and the environment.

Of course tourism contributes to climate change, more or less depending on the holiday. So we’ve also added some tips and a little film ‘curb your carbon’ to help you reduce the carbon impacts of your holidays.

Finally, in every holiday review we ask customers to give us some feedback on their experience of the impacts of their holiday. You can read this, which helps us improve and customers think about being responsible travellers, published in the reviews

For more information, please read our page on how we screen our holidays - in detail.