Nature and Responsible Travel

As an activist travel company, we know that as well as reducing the carbon emissions of our holidays, tourism also needs to support healthy biodiversity and to minimise its impact on nature.

When it comes to looking at how we can protect our planet, healthy habitats and ecosystems are at the core. Not only are they needed to absorb carbon but they are central to all life to animals, plants, trees, oceans and us humans too.

Biodiversity is the bacteria that sustains our soil health; it's the insects that pollinate our crops; it's the plants that feed other animals (and us); its the algae and seaweed that absorb carbon and feed the fish we eat; its the plants and trees that protects us from flooding and keep our air clean to breath.

Here at Responsible Travel, we have committed to being 'nature positive' by 2030. We promote holidays which put nature first. When you choose to book one of trips you are making your holiday count for nature and biodiversity, as well as for the communities that live alongside and safe guard the places we want to protect.

In our nature tips and nature views sections below, we have brought together our thoughts, campaigns and policies which underpin and inform our holidays. The holidays we promote aim to respect the natural world - be that by protecting and restoring - biodiversity; by keeping animals in their wild, natural habitat; by asking the right questions of conservation volunteering; by choosing real eco lodges and opting out of the not so ethical experiences on offer. See below to read more...