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Every time a customer books one of our holidays and opts in to our Trip for a Trip scheme, we organise a day trip for a disadvantaged young person somewhere around the world to see their local tourist sites, often for the first time.

For this Trip for a Trip, Responsible Travel partnered with Kagera Safaris and with Community Initiative for Children at Risk who work with young people by providing a home and school fees for at risk children. The children for this trip ranged from 5 to 16 years old.

3 children share Sodas and a chat at Entebbe beach
Our latest trip to Entebbe beach - Friday 10th February 2023:
25 children and 3 adults accompanied by 2 staff from Kagera Safaris visited Entebbe beach along Lake Victoria to enjoy the water and were provided with a meal and soda.

Diary of the day:

11am - The children left their centre in Nansana - Wakiso district for Entebbe by the shores of Lake Victoria.

12pm - They arrived at White sands beach in Entebbe where they were welcomed and shown around. We ordered lunch and the children scattered sitting in different groups - with some playing in the sand, others got into the water and others simply enjoyed conversing.

2pm - Lunch and a drink was served. They loved their meal and enjoyed something different from what they are normally offered at the centre.

5pm- Set off back to the centre

Kids sit around a table drinking sodas at Entebbe beach
Group of kids play beach volleyball at Entebbe beach


Feedback from the children: They were very thankful and happy to be out of the centre - especially visiting the beach where they have never been. They loved the food and the general atmosphere.

Feedback from the staff: They loved the outing for themselves and seeing the children enjoy themselves. It was nice to see the children happy, playing in the sand, water and playing volleyball. It was a relaxing time for them.

More about our partner organisation:

Community Initiative for Children at Risk work with young people by providing a home and school fees for at risk children. They train the children in football and music talents which help the children in finding scholarships. They range from around 6 to 24 years old. This year they had their first graduate from the home.

Kids seat down to eat a meal by the ocean at Entebbe beach
Kids swimming in the sea at Entebbe beach

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