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Trip name:

Nirmal Primary School Day visit to Pokhara City in Nepal

Trip summary:

A group of 35 students from Nirmal School, a small primary school located in the high-deprivation area of Bankewa village in Tanahun District, recently embarked on a day trip to Pokhara. The trip was organized by Responsible Travel and was a great opportunity for the kids to learn about the importance of preserving tourist sites for their significance and for the future of tourism. A coach was hired to transport the students and their accompanying teachers, founders of the school, and some parents. Everyone was in high spirits as they set off on the journey, with the aim of exploring new sights and gaining a better understanding of the importance of maintaining tourist sites.

Upon arriving in Pokhara, the students visited various tourist attractions, including local markets, temples, and cultural sites. The students also had the chance to observe the various games and activities, such as rafting and paragliding, which provided a unique insight into the different aspects of tourism.

The trip was a great success, with the students and the accompanying staff members gaining valuable knowledge and experiences. The students learned about the importance of preserving tourist sites, and they also developed a greater appreciation for the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the area. The trip was a great opportunity for the students to explore the world outside of the village, and it provided them with an unforgettable experience.

Date of day tour: 03 March, 2023

Who: Children between the age of 6 and 17

Where: Pokhara, Nepal

Diary of the day/itinerary:

The trip to Pokhara began early in the morning at 7 am. We followed the main highway and it took us around 1.5 hours to get to the city. On the way, we made a quick stop for breakfast. Once in Pokhara, our first stop was the Peace Stupa, where we spent an hour taking in the sights. Afterward, we made our way to Gupteshwor Cave. The children were excited to explore the depths of the cave and witness the beauty of the waterfall. Afterward, we took a ten-minute boat ride to the Talbarahi Lake temple in the middle. Everyone took lots of pictures here and enjoyed the scenery. At 14:30, we stopped for lunch. Afterward, the guide treated the children to some ice cream for dessert. Everyone was happy and excited to be able to enjoy such a treat. We spent the afternoon exploring the city before beginning our journey back to the school at 4 pm. The children were tired but happy after a day spent exploring the wonders of Pokhara. The guide was very knowledgeable and took the time to answer all the questions the children had. It was a great experience and everyone had a wonderful time.


The kids were thrilled, for they had been able to learn while having fun. They were delighted with the concept of learning through a journey. The children chatted animatedly about their experiences and adventures, and some of them even shared the amazing facts they had discovered. The parents were amazed to see the enthusiasm in their children and the knowledge they had accumulated. The kids were beaming with joy, and the parents were grateful that their children had not only had a fun time but had also learned something along the way. The parents thanked the organizers of the trip for providing their children with such a great opportunity. It was an experience they would never forget.

About the partner organisation:

The school's primary goal is to provide the kids with an opportunity they would not otherwise have. Through fun activities, they are taught to appreciate and protect their culture, as well as the economic benefits of tourism. The curriculum is designed to give them the skills needed to make a positive contribution to their communities. They learn the importance of eco-tourism and how to keep the environment sustainable. They are also encouraged to become part of the tourism industry, be it as hospitality staff or as guides and ambassadors. The school hopes to empower the children of Nepal, so they can contribute to the sustainability of tourism and the preservation of their culture.

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