Nicco Amusement Park, India - Travel Journal

Every time a customer books one of our holidays and opts in to our Trip for a Trip scheme, we organise a day trip for a disadvantaged young person somewhere around the world to see their local tourist sites, often for the first time.

Responsible Travel customers are helping disadvantaged children, many of which were former child labourers from the slums of Kolkata and could not imagine a life with fun and frolic but after their involvement with Tiljala Society for Human and Educational Development (Tiljala SHED) many such lives have been transformed and they are now going to school.

Tiljala SHED is grateful for supporting this trip for the children who have not ventured anywhere for the past two years because of COVID 19 restrictions.

Nicco Park is one of the best amusement parks in India. It is built in such a way that people from all age groups can enjoy the place.

As of November 2022, 221 children have now had the opportunity to visit Nicco Park as a result of the Trip For A Trip scheme.

A group of children playing in the Nicco Water Park pools
Our latest trip to Nicco Park - Thursday 20th October 2022:
111 children, among them many who have never visited a water park in their lives, accompanied by 14 escorts visited Nicco Water Park for a day of fun. These children struggle daily for their survival and even a small happiness which may not matter to the privileged children is a big event in their lives.

We wish to see more such trips in the coming months. Responsible Travel's Trip for a Trip is the most awaited trip in these communities and we hope it will continue to support these children with their trip for a trip program.

Sample itinerary of a Nicco Amusement Water Park visit:

Diary of the day: The children, along with their minders, are picked up at designated pickup points in two hired buses. They are all given breakfast with drinks.

The children enter the amusement park around 10 AM. A group photo is taken inside the park and then students are divided into groups of 20 for managing them effectively. Each group is headed by a teacher. There are a multitude of games and the children are spoilt for choice. Some activities might include:

  1. Roller Coaster
  2. Cyclone
  3. Skydiver
  4. Merry go Round
  5. Paddle Boat
  6. Mirror House Maze
  7. Cable Car ride
  8. River Cave
  9. Twirling cars

Kids swimming at Nicco Amusement park, India
Group of kids fistbump at Nicco Amusement Park, India
After completing the ride circuit, the children are treated to a sumptuous lunch. They then proceeded to the exciting water park Wet-O-Wild, located inside Nicco Park. This is what the children enjoy the most.

After changing into their swimming gear, the children rush to the pool to cool themselves from the overbearing heat by splashing water on each other. The pool, which is shaped like a crescent, is not very deep but there are lifeguards all around the pool keeping a watchful eye on the swimmers. The children can enjoy the waterfall, Niagara Falls and also enjoy the high water slide, the most thrilling ride on offer. The children also entertain themselves at the rain dance corner - a pool with waves creating an added excitement for the children. Aftab, who is one of the supervisors of the trip explains the importance of water to the children, without which this planet will die. In all our trips, we always ensure some moral lessons are imparted to the children so that they also become an important ambassador for saving this planet.

The setting sun indicates that it is time to go home.

After changing their clothes, the children are given evening brunch and then taken to their respective educational centres. The parents come to collect their children showing the ID cards issued by us.


For the children this visit will be a memorable day in their lives. We can see happiness in their faces. The children are looking for many such opportunities in the future where they can forget their daily worries and have fun for a day, taking back home sweet memories shared with their peers and moral lessons which will have a positive impact in their lives. This unique program supported by Responsible Travel has no doubt helped all these children for their physical and mental wellbeing. Such events relieve them of the stress of their daily hardships. Tiljala SHED heartily thanks Responsible Travel for this unique program.

More about our partner organisation:

Tiljala Society for Human and Educational Development (Tiljala SHED) is a voluntary organisation committed to promote the interest of at-risk children, Reproductive and Child Health, Women Empowerment, Institutional Care for Children, Literacy, Microfinance and to accelerate the concept of global village. Our mission is to bring meaningful changes in the lives of the marginalized and vulnerable communities living in slums, shanties and pavements.

Kids ride a merry go round at Nicco Amusement park, India
Kids in the water at Nicco Amusement Park, India
Kids pose infront of a trip for a trip sign at Nicco amusement park, India
Kids on a log flume at Nicco Amusement park, India

Other trips that we have run to Nicco Amusement Water Park:

Group of children posing at Nicco Amusement Water Park
8th June 2022:
110 children and 10 staff members visited Nicco Amusement Water Park, India and had a fabulous time enjoying the rides and the water park.

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